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Demand for a hosted Samsung solution has been growing for some time, but rather than launch a ‘me-too’ product, we have worked with Samsung to create a unique solution that stands out in the marketplace and delivers true Samsung quality. Together we have developed a hosted IP phone system that combines the flexibility of a hosted model, with the functionality and security (TLS and SRTP) previously only available from an on-premise system.


Powered by Mainstream Digital’s geo-located UK datacentres, certified to a very high level of security (ISO 27001 and ISO 27002) and geo-redundancy, our new hosted IP telephony service gives users the security, resilience and mobility they have been looking for.


Samsung in the cloud, Samsung on your desk, Samsung on your mobile.

Hosted Samsung Communicator – IP Telephony

With over 25 years’ experience of the UK telephony market, Mainstream Digital are specialist providers of communication solutions for business, offering on-site and hosted telephony solutions.

Samsung has been a leader in convergence for more than 20 years. With unrivalled strength in consumer electronics, mobile telephony, touchscreens, computers and networks.

Together, we are ideally placed to address the challenges and opportunities presented by the integration of voice, data, video, fixed and mobile communications.

Hosted Samsung Communicator (HSC) is a premium hosted telephony solution based on the popular Samsung Communication Manager IP phone system. It provides the functionality of an enterprise class on-premises unified communication system, with the flexibility of a hosted solution.

Now, traditional users of hosted telephony, such as small businesses and larger enterprises with a network of smaller branches, don’t have to settle for second best.

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The benefits of hosted...

The Benefits of Hosted

Hosted IP telephony is an increasingly popular option for organisations with very different requirements:

  • Small and micro businesses can enjoy big system features without capital expenditure.
  • Growing businesses have complete flexibility to add or remove users in an instant.
  • Businesses that have expanded through mergers and acquisitions can easily integrate new offices into the communications structure.
  • Enterprises with numerous small sites nationwide, e.g. a builders merchant, bank or estate agent, can save money by using hosted instead of having a phone system in every location.

With the launch of Hosted Samsung Communicator (HSC), organisations that might have discounted hosted telephony in the past due to security fears, such as hospitals, government organisations or education providers, can now enjoy its many benefits.

Hosted Samsung Communicator is a fully featured IP telephone solution offering secure connections between handsets and our data centre. The core system has been developed by Mainstream, working with Samsung, to deliver a high availability system that is maintained and hosted by Mainstream at our multiple UK data centres. This gives the user the security of knowing that if there is a system fault at one location, services will be automatically re-routed to maintain service.

For more information about Hosted Samsung Communicator, you can download the following:

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